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The Basic Computer  General Knowledge Questions and Answers test is very useful in the entrance test and competitive exams. Computer Knowledge is one of the most crucial in the exam or test. Test your fundamentals of the computer by taking the Basic Computer G.K. Online test and you can also know how far you know. The Basic Computer G.K. and Multiple Choice Question (MCQ) Quiz will definitely help to increase your knowledge about the computer basics and also the working process. The Basic computer Quizzes is in the below, check the sections and practice the Basic Computer of G.K. Online test. You can know all the questions related to the computers with the help of the provided Basic Computer Knowledge Quiz. The interesting quiz is designed for you.

Do you remember all your basic computer lessons? You can also refresh your memory. Give it a try to solve these MCQ Questions.

Basic Computer Quiz

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All Basic Computer Knowledge Questions are arranged in four options and all question and answer position is randomly changed by the database server. Start the Basic Computer GK MCQ question and select one alternative among all. Choose and mark all questions, then you click on Finish Quiz!. If you selected the right answer then it’s colored is the green otherwise wrong answer is black colored. We also provided the score average meter to view your correct and incorrect percentage of the question. To know about the quizzes and more you can visit our site:

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Test Name Exam Type No. of Questions
Basic Computer Knowledge test MCQ (Multiple Choice Questions) 14 (Solve Time is 4min)

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